At Compelling Designs, our graphic design services are absolutely second to none. We’ve been doing this for years and specialize in taking your raw footage and making it look 1,000 times better.

Have you ever landed on a company’s website only to be greeted with professional, high quality graphics that portrays everything the company does and what sets them apart from the competition?

If you have, then you’ll know what an amazing impression this can make. High quality graphics screams professionalism and really makes sure that people take your business seriously. What’s more, it can be much more persuasive, emotive and engaging than a block of static text and thus far more effective when it comes to making conversions and grabbing leads.

There’s just one problem: creating highly professional graphics is expensive and it’s time consuming. It involves having a designer, using lots of expensive photographs and then hiring an expensive editor.

Or does it?

Compelling Designs offers amazing graphic design services that can turn your ideas into something that looks perfectly professional and expertly crafted. This means you can illustrate your ideas with the tools you have and with your own free hand and from there we’ll be able to turn it into something that looks just like those amazingly professional graphics that make your jaw hit the floor.

Our Service

So what does our service entail specifically?

First, we will take your basic idea and edit it/arrange it to have the most impact in telling your narrative. This way, your graphic will have much more energy and much more flow. Once we add the layers on top, you’ll right away see the difference and find the graphic feels much more professional and is much better at engaging an audience.

From there, we’ll look at adding transitions and effects. If your footage is a little grainy or shaky we can sharpen it up and use image stabilization. If your lighting leaves something to be desired, then we’ll edit the brightness and contrast to give it that glossy sheen that really stands out. This is why you don’t need to pay for expensive equipment – technology is truly amazing these days and even low quality graphics can often be salvaged! Transitions add even more energy to the proceedings when used subtly, as can the right visual effects.

We’ll also add high quality intros and outros to your graphic. These help to promote your brand and they act as a bookend for the rest of your content. You’d be surprised at just how effectively they can elevate the quality of what you require.

The end result is always quality graphic that absolutely shines and that will promote your products or services in the best way possible. We offer the most affordable service on the net but the finished product is never anything less than stellar.

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